Midwest Evaluation Services

          Midwest Evaluation Services    

Providing High Quality Training, Evaluation and Mental Health/Behavioral Consultation services to Schools, Families, Institutions, Residential Centers 

 Midwest Evaluation services provides the following services. 



  • Evaluate eligibility for special services.
  • Assess academic skills and aptitude for learning.
  • Determine social-emotional development and mental health status.
  • Evaluate learning environments.
  • Provide culturally appropriate evaluations
  • Behavioral evaluation
  • Independent educational evaluation (IEE)   


  • Individual Counseling 
  • Small group counseling
  • Anger management training Intervention
  • Provide short term counseling to help resolve interpersonal or family problems that interfere with school performance. 


  • Collaborate with teachers, parents, and administrators to find effective solutions to learning and behavior problems.
  • Work to strengthen working relationships between teachers, parents, and service providers in the community.


  • Threat Assessment 
  • Assist schools in designing  programs for children at risk of suicide and failing at school.
  • Promote tolerance, understanding, and appreciation of diversity within the school community.
  • Assist in Developing programs to make schools safer and more effective learning environments.
  • Collaborate with school staff and community agencies to provide services directed at improving psychological and physical health.
  • Develop partnerships with parents and teachers to promote healthy school environments.
  • Work directly with children and their families to help resolve problems in adjustment and learning.
  • Provide training in social skills and anger management.
  • Help families and schools manage crises such as death, illness, or community trauma.
  • Provide Guidance to teacher assistance and Response to Intervention teams.

 Staff training and In-service 

  • Basics of TAT/RTI 
  • Achievement testing refresher course for Special education teachers
  • Autism 101
  • ADHD tips
  • Accommodation and modification in general education setting
  • Behavioral assessment
  • FASD 101 

Research and Planning

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of academic and behavior management programs.
  • Identify programs and strategies to improve schools.
  • Use evidence-based research to develop and/or recommend effective intervention
  • Assist Schools in locating service providers (speech, Occupational therapy, physical therapy, technical assistance) 
To obtain Services contact :
Call Midwest Evaluation Services at 970-589-6475 EMAIL


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